Revelation in the Probation Office

A few weeks ago, sitting in the office of my probation officer, we began a conversation much like we do each visit, about current global events/disasters/atrocities, which inevitably leads to, “what really is God’s perspective on it all?” December 6-12th: I just returned from a seven day trip to Puerto Rico, where myself and twoContinue reading “Revelation in the Probation Office”

Alcoholism Did Not Have the Last Word

My name is Anthony Huerta and I am a YWAM Missionary. I grew up blessed in Lubbock, Texas. Looking back I see God’s hand all around my upbringing. Sure, my parents have had their issues; definitely, there were some questionable role-models along the way; absolutely, my family liked to have a good time, but overall,Continue reading “Alcoholism Did Not Have the Last Word”

4 Earth Shattering Truths Learned on Outreach

After sitting in three months of mind-blowing DTS classes, I was ready to get our there into the real world with the rich truths I’d learned! The best way to solidify all God has done in our lives is to transfer the knowledge into daily experience, allowing His grace to have its perfect work.  AndContinue reading “4 Earth Shattering Truths Learned on Outreach”

7 Earth Shattering Truths Learned in DTS

Globally there are 25,000 full-time YWAM missionaries right now, and every one of them has completed a Discipleship Training School. DTS is remarkable training that is intended to bring you into a more intimate relationship with God. While igniting your passions, you discover your part in God’s purposes for the world and learn to followContinue reading “7 Earth Shattering Truths Learned in DTS”

Stop Worrying About Refugees

Where to begin… Greece came and went, and the Shiloh Retreat at YWAM is over. I am left alone, with God. Since March 28th I have traveled 14,200 miles, seen two nations, and encountered countless people that have forever impacted my life. I was the “vessel” bringing the Gospel, but it feels more, and moreContinue reading “Stop Worrying About Refugees”

Houston & Greece, Let’s Go!

The details, (for the most part) are in! Our School of Evangelism will be traveling to Houston on March 29th, and will be there through April 14th. While in Houston we will be teaming up with YWAM Houston and the ministries they have established. One of their largest ministries is Street Church, on Montrose Ave. Montrose is aContinue reading “Houston & Greece, Let’s Go!”

Dare to be Creative

A concept that has been on my mind, finally being articulated. In my relationship with God, how much does HE want me to tell HIM what I want to do in my life. Is it even “legally acceptable” for me to share these things with Him? Am I being disobedient, even if my heart’s motive is to please Him? Hear me out. ForContinue reading “Dare to be Creative”