To Know God, To Make Him Known

To know God, and to make Him known. This is the motto of Youth With A Mission, the international missions organization I serve with. Not only is this our mission statement, it is also the first two of our 18 foundational values, “To know God (1)”, and “To make Him known (2)”. I love theContinue reading “To Know God, To Make Him Known”

The War on Inaction Has Begun

The Send Words like: “fire, passion, movement, momentum, signs, wonders, uncompromising and revival,” have been used to describe the two weeks I just spent in Florida. I can only imagine this is how the beginning moments of the “Jesus Movement” of the late ’60’s looked – in fact, those that have been involved with bothContinue reading “The War on Inaction Has Begun”

God wants to meet Christian school students, too

My latest, totally unexpected, nearly inconceivable ministry trip took me to Lubbock for a Mini-SST. What is a “Mini-SST”? Season of Service and Training (SST) is a summer camp YWAM Tyler hosts for teenagers from around the world. These are two-week camps that mirror the Discipleship Training School, just on a much smaller scale, andContinue reading “God wants to meet Christian school students, too”

A Story of God Speaking in “The Valley”

“Hey Anthony, I am so sorry, but the Pastor wants to talk with you.” As Sonya Leal, the leader of YWAM “The Valley” startled me out of worship on our last day of ministry in McCallen, TX, I thought, “What could have gone wrong already?” We had four services that day and this was theContinue reading “A Story of God Speaking in “The Valley””

Why We Go on Outreaches

During this season, very few things are more gratifying than seeing people I have cried for, prayed for, laughed with, counseled and shared life with for months say “yes” to God. And that is exactly what I have experienced this month with Jonna, Brody and Landon coming to YWAM Tyler.I met these three in LubbockContinue reading “Why We Go on Outreaches”