Day Changer

“The quickest way to enter ministry is by telling someone they have worth.”

Dean Sherman

It’s no secret that the “ruler of this world” is in every aspect of society. Literally, “(prowling) around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5).” He has free reign to influence and infiltrate anywhere he chooses. Work, school, stores, media, church, are all candidates to become a stronghold. These are sobering facts. The same as a raccoon, from its earliest intuitions and animal instincts was meant to sneak, scour, and scavenge, the god of this age knows no different. It’s a live war and he’s actively pursuing the corners of our culture, unless met by opposition.

Recently, I’ve been considering the above statement. It’s gripped me. At first glance it’s easy to dismiss as another “well thought out-mostly true-definitely couldn’t be proved inaccurate” statement that’s meant to get the congregations attention. But after mulling this over, it’s sadly accurate-for two reasons. One, it illustrates the encompassing reach Satan has on our world; two, it sheds light, more personally, convicts, the church for its lack of issuance of such an easy solution-reiteration of how the Father thinks of every individual. Satan has shaped a worldly standard of success that very few achieve, yet all are striving for. His objective is to keep the focus of the world on achieving these seemingly possible aspirations, all the while not concerned with a relationship to a God that’s not accessible. And we’ve fallen for it. Most choose an ever-changing definition of success, over what our Lord deems valuable. It’s impossible to be loved by God any more than you are, no achievement or folly can affect that. What would the world look like if everyone had revelation of that security? Which introduces a more personal issue, “why aren’t the people around me aware of this unconditional love?” Throughout my past, with no hesitation, I can see how pride has prevented me from valuing others the way God does. But, now knowing that there is nothing that can separate us from His love (Romans 8), it’s provoking that so many Christians are still struggling with self-worth. It’s a much larger issue that I don’t have all the answers for but, if I can shift somebody’s day around by reminding them how our Lord views them, then I want to be a part of that. A woman of God recently told me, “people don’t always remember what you said, but they remember how you made them feel.” It’s a simple solution to a stranglehold that is plaguing western societies.

The base director of YWAM Denver, Peter Warren, spent last week with us teaching about the “Fear of the Lord”. It was a remarkable week that stirred the pot for all of us. Something that truly took a while for my conscience to allow me to consider was the idea that there really aren’t as many absolutes in the Bible as congregations impress. That most of the Bible allows for our conscience to dictate relative truths, therefore allowing contrary convictions to both be correct. My stomach churned, yet it was brilliant.

This is what’s been going on. Until next time.


Peter Warren, Director YWAM Denver



Published by Anthony & Emily Huerta

My name is Anthony Huerta, I am 28 years old and grew up in West Texas. I've had an exciting, eventful life that was spurred by a tumultuous lifestyle. My choices have allowed me to see and experience many things, all of which I am fortunate for. Today, my wife and I live in Tyler, Tx on the Youth With A Mission Twin Oaks Ranch, attending the Discipleship Training School. My passion is seeing people of all different backgrounds, education levels, social classes, ethnicities and ages overwhelmed by the love of God.

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  1. I thought what you said about what we think is success and what God says success is and I feel that the older I get the more I realize that I need to be more of a steward for him and not society.

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