Ruined for the Ordinary

It is difficult trying to generate enthusiasm while explaining spiritual moments that, apart from being intertwined with God, naturally seem ordinary. This is arguably the most frustrating thing I’ve encountered since pursuing God-trying to communicate what is going on in my life, coupled with ensuring the spiritual magnitude is adequately relayed. Nevertheless, the underlying implications of any situation, conversation, encounter is the most important part, because that is where God is at work. All believers have had life changing moments, where it was undeniable God’s presence was moving, and shifting things in the atmosphere, re-designing thought process’, bringing back a lifetime of memories to create a paradigm shift in our minds. Yet, these moments have caused exasperation in the believer, confusion, disappointment, even the instance when silence met a blank stare and a head dropped to the table. All the while, searching for the words to describe what just happened. Well, this is where I am about my trip to Asia.

The past 20 months has had plenty of influential, life altering moments. But when I consider this trip, and all it did to my priorities, perspectives, even value system, this had to have been the single greatest personal shift I have experienced. All my future goals and ambitions have been re-framed. The term “pursuit of happiness” has been personally re-defined. Basically, God shook my world upside down, in the best possible way. HE was loud on this trip. Opening doors that only HE could. Creating opportunities that only HE could manage. The blessings were overwhelming and felt undeserved, then, Jeremiah 29 came alive (MSG). I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for. Yes, when you get serious about finding me and want it more than anything else, I’ll make sure you won’t be disappointed.” God’s Decree. I was speechless. You see, everything I experienced while in Asia was necessary, in order for all that is mentioned above, to be changed in the way HE intended for me to be. I know God left impressions on people through us. I know people heard the name Jesus for the first time, through us. I know God impacted people through our obedience. And even though these are monumental occurrences, I feel the greatest impression left, was on me. Then revelation struck, “God is focused on me, before He is focused on people through me.” Undeniably, I am of minimal help or impact in the Kingdom, if I am not operating at the capacity HE has strategically planned for me. So, God, in His sovereign design, offered me this trip.

No one could have anticipated, expected, or even dreamt of this stuff happening the way it has, but thank God it did. I can’t imagine life like it was before. I can’t imagine missions not being apart of my life right now. Frankly, I can’t imagine doing anything else right now. But look, what I do know, and what is most importantly understood through all this rhetoric and jargon, is this-what I have experienced and encountered is available to everyone. I am not unique, and becoming a missionary is not required for God to blow you away. He is just looking for your next “yes” to Him. And it all starts with a very small, simple “yes, God.” Position of the heart.

Above all else, HE is good to us and HIS plans for us are way better than anything we could come up with.

Until next time,



SOHO, Beijing, China




Published by Anthony & Emily Huerta

My name is Anthony Huerta, I am 28 years old and grew up in West Texas. I've had an exciting, eventful life that was spurred by a tumultuous lifestyle. My choices have allowed me to see and experience many things, all of which I am fortunate for. Today, my wife and I live in Tyler, Tx on the Youth With A Mission Twin Oaks Ranch, attending the Discipleship Training School. My passion is seeing people of all different backgrounds, education levels, social classes, ethnicities and ages overwhelmed by the love of God.

3 thoughts on “Ruined for the Ordinary

  1. Very Proud of The Man of God you are! Continue to Love HIM with passion and reveal HIM to all you come in contact with. Souls to lay at the precious feet of JESUS for HE IS WORTHY. Praying for you!


  2. Great piece Anthony! It is difficult, really impossible for someone who has not experienced God moving in their life to understand it. Maybe the best thing we can do is create a hunger in them to know the God who wants to be in intimate relationship with us. Excited to see you soon!


  3. Very excited to hear from you when I get out of basic. Proud of what you’re doing out there big man. Keep the postings active as much as possible!


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